Website design & development

Whether you need a complex web application, such as an online store or a platform or just a one-page website for a local business – we are here to help. Drop us a line or give us a call and we will guide you through the process, advise on suitable solutions and provide you with a free quote.

All our websites are responsive, meaning they are built with both desktops and mobiles (and everything in between) in mind.

Your website will be equipped with an easy-to-use Admin Panel that will be customized to meet your project’s needs.

Why chose us?

  • 7+ years on the market
  • Bespoke website creation
  • Built on Symfony framework
  • Cost-efficient
  • Free photography offer with every website*

*Valid whenever photography session can be organized in London without additional expenses

Tailored to your needs


Our websites are truly bespoke. We use Symfony – one of the top PHP frameworks. PHP is the leading programming language for website development (by the latest estimations 80% of all websites on the internet use PHP).

Symfony takes care of the default tasks (such as routing, database connections etc) in a robust and efficient way, and at the same time preserves a complete freedom for customization, allowing us to implement any features that your business may need. This ensures that we have a highly-reliable, community supported codebase without the limitations of pre-built CMSs.

Be Unique


At Compass Web Design, we create distinctive designs and custom layouts for all our websites. We know how to translate the essence of your business into a website with a character.

We don’t use pre-built themes or out-of-the-box templates – we design from scratch to make sure your website stands out.

Cutting the costs


Our enhanced workflow allows us to cut the costs of the made-to-order development. Thus we can offer you bespoke website development at competitive prices even when compared to the out-of-the-box solutions.